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How to Prepare

Preparing for their stay: Text

Behavior Evaluation

Please contact us to schedule a quick meet and greet before your pets stay. This is required. All dogs must be dog friendly and not aggressive with people or other dogs. This evaluation takes approximately 15-20 minutes.

During this time, we will encourage you to book a (free) half day of day care. This allows us to evaluate your pet in a room setting with some furry friends. 

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What to Bring

- Your pets food, pre-packaged and labeled in baggies or containers for each meal. Exception: Canned food.

- Leash and collar on your dog.

- Medications and instructions.

- Completed registration packet. 

- Current vaccine records including Rabies certificate. 

We provide: comfortable clean bedding, food/water bowls, and love! 

Preparing for their stay: Text
Two Dogs

Drop Off and Pick Up Hours

Come and Play


Monday - Saturday: 7am - 9am, 12pm - 1pm

Sunday: 12-1pm


Monday - Saturday: 7am - 9am, 12pm - 1pm, 4pm - 6pm

Sunday: 12-1pm, 4pm - 6pm 

Preparing for their stay: Opening Hours
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